A creative journal attesting to the profound personal impact of that first painting lesson beneath the big old mulberry tree ... stubby 3 year-old toes squelching into rotten purple fruit; pink tongue curled out with the effort of forging a wet, sticky, paint masterpiece. African storm clouds billowing just above.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fresh Flowers From the Market

Marche aux Fleurs by Edouard Leon Cortes

Flower Market, Madeleine by Antoine Blanchard

Flower Market Outside the Madeleine Church, 1890, by Jozef Pankiewicz

Flower Market in a French Town by Alfred Glendening

A Flower Market Along the Seine by Georges Stein

Thought I'd share some of the images I've found whilst researching for a painting that I'm about to start, with the subject matter being .... you guessed it; a flower market! I adore the Impressionist style and how the artists of this period captured light and 'mood' so effectively. 

Antoine Blanchard's painting is my personal favourite, but I am also intrigued with the story surrounding Marche aux Fleurs by Edouard Leon Cortes ... apparently the painting was left on a pile of donations at Easton, Marylands Goodwill store, at which point one of the staff decided to do some 'digging' as to the origin of the artwork, which resulted in the piece ending up at Sotheby's and selling at auction for $40,600! Whoever had that painting pinned down as 'trash' must be kicking themselves! 

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